Easy First Consulting Management, FZCO is a dynamic and versatile business consultancy based in Dubai, UAE, with a global presence and a commitment to excellence. Our CEO, Ms. Takwa Aldiliami, leads our experienced team in providing comprehensive solutions across various industries.


While headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, Easy First Consulting Management extends its reach worldwide through strategic connections and global business networks. Our international presence allows us to effectively navigate diverse markets and offer unparalleled solutions.


Fuel and Energy Solutions

Precious Commodities

Real Estate Advisory

Manpower Supplies


Ms. Takwa Aldiliami is a distinguished professional and the specialist owner of Easy First Consulting Management. With over a decade of expertise in the field, her focus on commodities, particularly in the intricate domain of oil and gas, has set her apart as a seasoned industry leader. Ms. Aldiliami’s journey is marked by a commitment to excellence, strategic insight, and a deep understanding of the complexities within the commodities market. Her extensive experience positions her as a valuable asset in navigating the dynamic landscape of oil and gas, making her a key figure in the success of Easy First Consulting Management.